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Dear Film Viewer,
Hi, I'm Audio, and I gotta tell ya, I'm a little ticked off. Every time I'm in a film, people always talk about how great it looks. "Oh wow, did you see that great tracking shot?", they say, "I can't believe they got all that in one take". Big freakin' deal. What about all those sound effects in there, don't they get any respect? And how about the fact that you can hear the actors so clearly. Did you ever think that maybe there's a boom mic operator somewhere who feels just a little bit under-appreciated?

And let's not forget the sound mixer...they have to take all 800 tracks that were recorded and mix them together so they sound like they were all recorded at the same time. But WE know they weren't recorded at the same time. And you really think that great soundtrack just magically appeared in the editing timeline one morning?

So the next time you're watching a marketing film, maybe you could say something like, "Wow, how about the great EQ settings they used on the CEO. And I love the subtle reverb they added. Great stuff!"

Thanks a bunch. Hear you at the movies!